Tired of hordes of people stepping on your toes while you are trying to listen to a tour guide inaudibly screaming for 30 people who's also trying to sell you the commissioned souvenirs from the tour company?

If the answer is yes, well, I'm your guide!

I build one tour at a time and I personalize it exclusively for you. Follow me and get to know the real Lisbon.

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Unknown disse...

Rita was a great guide! She was funny, approchable, genuine and very informative. Very happy with the free walking tour :)

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Meet Your Guide

Rita is a Portuguese actress who traveled the world and returned in love with Lisbon. A History buff, Rita started working as a tour guide for different companies and now decided to go solo to finally be able to provide unique tours to unique travelers - no tourist traps, no big groups, no commissioned restaurants or souvenirs, no surprise costs, just the experience of feeling like a local in Lisbon.